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03/04/2016 18:30
New issue MHW for April and May is here.You can see more in our archive
28/01/2016 20:10
New issue MHW is here      or you can find some more magazines in our archive You will find here for example results from AMHA Honor Roll .
24/01/2016 16:07
New AMHA RuleBook 2016 is here
01/01/2016 22:44
American MiniHorse Club z.s. will be held chiropractic clinic with Monika Plachá EBW 20th February 2016 in Královický Dvůr. This clinic will be only in Czech language.More info
27/11/2015 19:23
Miniature Horse World for December 2015 is here. You can find here results from European Championship in Holland or results from World Show in USA. Miniature Horse World AMHA
29/10/2015 15:21
Miniature Horse World magazine will feature each of the World and European Championship Top Ten winners in the December issue. Picture your Top Ten win for only $25! Email for more details.
29/10/2015 15:16
60 days (or so) until the end of 2015. Complete your stallion report now to avoid the end of the year rush! stallionbreedingreport.pdf (114,1 kB)   
10/10/2015 16:17
To order your copy now! Edition 2 out January 2016. Final publication will be in excess of 80 pages.
26/09/2015 15:07
You can find ressults from 2015 AMHA European Championship here.
26/09/2015 15:03
AMHA World Show live from 24 th September - 3rd October. You can find more info and classes in PREMIUM.
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