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30/07/2017 00:00
 Magazine AMHA Miniature horse world is online  
13/06/2017 17:10
New issue MHW for Summer  2017 is  here.You can see more in our archive
16/04/2017 19:07
Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity with special pricing .We are very delighted to announce that Mr. Wayne G. Hipsley has accepted our invitation and we can look forward to his clinic in 4 th June 2017. The seminar is intended for beginners as well as for advanced owners and breeders, and...
09/04/2017 15:04
WOULD YOU LIKE COVER PAGE SHOW CATALOGUE ? IS AVAILABLE :) Thank you to all sponsors for our AMHA approved show AMHC Czech Inter Cup 2017. If you ´d like support us , please you watch on our sponsor packets SPONSOR PACKAGE 2017.pdf (269,5 kB) . Thank you so much for your pertinent support !!!
09/04/2017 14:46
New issue MHW for APRIL  2017 is  here.You can see more in our archive
16/03/2017 16:18
New issue MHW for SPRING 2017 is  here.You can see more in our archive
25/02/2017 20:17
Clinic will be held only in czech language.
16/02/2017 21:13
We are preparing our II. AMHA approved show  AMHC Czech Inter Cup on date  3rd June 2017. The same as last year this show will has statute „international show “ and it will be AMHA approved show again. It means that you can take points for AMHA Honor Roll 2017. Show manager will be Mrs....
16/02/2017 20:47
You can see our actions and show on our link Show and Action 2017
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