Clinic with Cédric Dubroecq 21. 2.2015

The American MiniHorse Club Czech Republic, in cooperation with Marcela Filip, is hosting a clinic for all owners and breeders of miniature horses. The lecturer will be Mr. Cédric Dubroecq, who is a professional trainer, exhibitor and one of the best European breeders of American miniature horses. His horses have won   many awards including the greatest European´s  and world´s awards. Cédric Dubroecq owns the Elevage de la Buise farm in France, which is a breeding and training center. Cédric Dubroecq is also an international show judge. Clinics to which Cédric Dubroecq is invited as a lector by clubs all over Europe are very popular and successful.

We are very delighted to announce that Mr. Cédric Dubroecq has accepted our invitation and we can look forward to his clinic in February 2015. The seminar is intended for beginners as well as for advanced owners and breeders, and will be translated into the Czech language from English. We recommend that you bring your horse for practical instruction. If you have a topic that you would be especially interested in, please write to us and Mr. Cédric Dubroecq will focus on such matter more.

On Saturday morning, there will be a theoretical part in the seminar room, where we will discuss the confirmation of the horse, breeding, feeding and care, show classes, training, etc., and in the afternoon we will move to the riding hall with your horses, where Cédric Dubroecq will illustrate and demonstrate showing, training, as well as everything that might be of interest to you as pertains to owning and breeding miniature horses.


 The Ptýrov facility offers very pleasant accommodations, which are on the same floor as the seminar room. You will find an excellent restaurant on the ground floor, and stalls for your horses are located just a few meters away. There is a wifi network for internet access within the facility.




Term: 21 st. February  2015

Start : 9.30 o ´clock / expected ending about  17.00 - 18.00 o´clock...

Place : Farma Ptýrov, Ptýrov 25, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště,

Price for clinic incl small caffe break:

Member of Club AMHC   1 500 CZK/ about 55 €
Junior or familly member 1 000 CZK/ about 36 €
Non member   2 500 CZK / about 90 €
Junior without member 1 800 CZK / about 66 €

*junior is max. 18 years old

Accomondation:: price list of farm Ptýrov ( please contact Marcela Filip by email :

The facility offers the option of camping, with the option of an electrical connection and sanitary facilities.

Feeding:  :  in riding areal Ptýrov 

or pre-ordered ready meals for an average of about CZK 150   (about 6 €)


CZK 350 CZK (about 13 €) per stall on the farm  Ptýrov , including sawdust, not including hay. Several horses can be put in one box. 

Veterinary Requirements:

In accordance with requirements in regard to the transfer of horses, i.e. vaccination against influenza 1x per year and blood tests for horses aged two years or older. For further inquiries, please contact Marcela Filip at 

We look forward to seeing you and we hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain further valuable information.

  More info on  e-mailu:

Deadline of the clinic is 9 th February 2015


To apply for the clinic, it is necessary to fill in the online application below, which will be subsequently confirmed to you by Club AMHC!




Bank information

Fio banka

American MiniHorse Club z.s

number account: 2100623183 / code 2100

Please send your  payment with notice your name and what you will pay (surname+clinic Dubroecq). Amount for clinic must be send in CZK ( for example...1500 CZK ...)

IBAN:  CZ96 2010 0000 0021 0062 3183


Name of bank: Fio Banka, Praha 1