Clinic with US judge Wayne G. Hipsley BSc., MSc -Training, selecting and judging of the miniature horses


Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity with special pricing .

We are very delighted to announce that Mr. Wayne G. Hipsley has accepted our invitation and we can look forward to his clinic in 4 th June 2017. The seminar is intended for beginners as well as for advanced owners and breeders, and will be translated into the Czech language from English. We recommend that you bring your horse for practical instruction.


This Clinic will be held in English / Czech  language .


On Sunday morning, there will be a theoretical part with the use of a Powerpoint presentation in the seminar room , where we will discuss on the theme: The Understanding the Basics about Selecting and Judging Miniature Horses and in the afternoon we will move to the riding hall with your horses, where Wayne Hipsley  will illustrate and demonstrate : From A Judges Point of View - Tips on Showing Your Miniature Horses - In-Hand and Performance Classes.

Learn how to improve your placing in Obstacle, Showmanship, In-Hand Presentation, and  Driving.


Morning program

Length of Time: 9:00am to Noon

Title: Understanding the Basics about Selecting and Judging Miniature Horses

Location: Classroom, with the use of a Powerpoint presentation


Afternoon program

Length of Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Title: From A Judges Point of View - Tips on Showing Your Miniature Horses - In-Hand and Performance Classes

Location: Riding Hall


Deadline 1 st. May 2017

To apply for the clinic, it is necessary to fill in the online application below, which will be subsequently confirmed to you by Club AMHC!


If you have some questions , please contact Marcela Filip


Term: 4 st. June 2017

Start : 9.00 a.m / expected ending about  4.00 p.m.

Price for clinic incl. small caffe break
Adult 60 Eur
Junior 30 Eur
Adult familly member 40 Eur

Place / Accomodation

Riding areal Královický Dvůr , Královice 91, 274 01 Slaný 1, GPS 50.2630539N, 14.0569333E

Food and drinks

are available on the grounds  Parking is free.

*Notice:  The currency in the Czech Republic is Czech Crown. You can pay in Euro in the riding areal, but money back will be in Czech Crown. Payment is possible by credit card too.


Stables are new  and connected with riding hall. Hotel is only several steps from riding hall and stable.

Box  for horse already stabled from Saturday show 12 Eur
Box  for horse 25 Eur

Veterinary Requirements:

All horses older 12 months must have negative  Coggins test for equine infectious anemia (EIA) not older that 6 months.

All horses must have vaccination for equine influenza according to vaccine plan of the producer of the respective vaccine. Vaccine can be done  at the latest 7 days before show. In case participation abroad horses on the clinic newly must be data about horses engaged to the veterinary information system EU ( TRACES).You ask your local veterinarian.More info:


We look forward to seeing you and we hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain further valuable information.


Bank information

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Address bank: V Celnici 1028/10 , 117 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Holder account: American MiniHorse Club z.s

IBAN:  CZ96 2010 0000 0021 0062 3183


We accept payments with PayPal but you have to ad transfer costs to the amount.


Please send your  payment with notice your name and what you will pay (your surname+clinic Wayne Hipsley ).


Wayne G. Hipsley, BSc, MSc

AMHA Senior Judge

Professional Overview Wayne Hipsley.pdf (229,5 kB)

Wayne G. Hipsley, BSc, MSc, an internationally licensed and recognized judge for many breeds and disciplines of horses and ponies with over 30 years of officiating experience. His formal education includes an undergraduate degree in animal husbandry, with an advanced degree in animal physiology. With these credentials he has taught Equine Studies courses as a university professor.

He has been a licensed Senior American Miniature Horse Association judge for over 25 years. He is the author of the handbook, A Guide to Judging the American Miniature Horse.

His judging assignments include: AMHA World Show – 4 times; AMHA Regional and Local Shows 54; New Zealand Miniature Horse National Show – 2 times; Independent Miniature Horse Registry[Australia] – 2 times; European Championship  Miniature Horse Show – 1 times; and over 25 Miniature Horse shows outside of the United States in 6 countries.

He as served as the judge educator and instructor for the AMHA Judge’s Seminars for over 15 years. He was the lead instructor at the first International Judge’s Seminar conducted by the AMHA in 2003, Brussels, Belgium.

In 2008, he conducted judges seminars in Australia and The Netherlands for the AMHA. And 2010, conducted the 3rd in a series of judges seminars in the UK. The New Zealand Miniature Horse Association had Wayne present two judges seminars to their judge during 2014. In 2015 and 2016, he was asked by the South African Miniature Horse Breed Society to present educational seminars to their members on conformation and presentation of their Miniature Horses.

He serves as the senior instructor judge for the Independent Miniature Horse Registry in Australia, conducting judges and exhibitors seminars for teaching judging standards.  In New Zealand he has conducted 5 judge’s educational seminars for licensing Miniature Horse judges, along with a series of seminars for judges associated with the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand.

His judging and educational credentials in other breeds and disciplines are quite lengthy including, instructing judges seminars in the US for the Arabian, Morgan, Andalusian, Lusitano, Friesians, Norwegian Fjord, Rocky Mountain Horse, United Mountain Horse, Gypsy Vanner Horse, Haflingers, Welsh Ponies, Shetlands, Draft horses, Mules and Donkeys, International Color Breed Council and other multi-breed judges seminars.

He is a life-long horseman, raised on a family horse farm in Maryland that bred, trained and showed Arabians.

He started his riding experience on ponies and progressed to horses and continues to participate as a rider and clinician training riders and handlers.

His philosophy about his career with horses is very simple, ‘Lets Go and Grow’®

Hipsley and Associates LLC

Professional Overview Wayne Hipsley.pdf (235033)