Welcome on website American Minihorse Club Czech Republic, z.s.

We welcome you on the American Minihorses Club Czech Republic (AMHC). The club was established (Spring 2014) acoording to needings of the minihorses owners but we also invite friends of this remarkable breed.

American Minihorses Club is completely different organisation then other clubs operating in our country. We want to focus mostly on education and consultancy for owners and also for breeders of the minihorses.

You should find here everything about the breeding that might be interesting for you and you can also find here everything about the legislation in Czech Republic which must be known and which you have to conform.

Next area which we are focused on is the cooperation with foreign clubs that we´ve communicated with.

Our club AMHC Czech Republic applied  the   American Miniature Horse Association( AMHA)  for approval of our club  in middle year 2014. It was long process, but result is , our Club had been approved by the AMHA Board of Directors on 6 th December 2014 .

American Minihorses Club wants to offer the corporation and help also to organizers of actions which are, for example shows , clinics , etc. but we mostly want to operate to advantage of the horse owners and breeders so that the level and quality of horses rises and is comparable with foreign concurrency.

If you have the same interest then welcome among us!