30/11/2014 15:16

New issue AMHA magazine is published.

More magazines in our archives.

27/11/2014 17:06

We invite you on the clinic with french breeder of american miniature horses Mr. Cédric Dubroecq, which will gives you his knowledge in area: confirmation of horse, breed, care, feeding,training,showing and much more...We  look forward to you on 21st February 2015 in riding areal Ptýrov. More here: clinic with Cédric Dubroecq.

24/09/2014 08:22

New issue AMHA MHW magazine is here !

31/08/2014 12:18

AMHA European Championship show will starts 6 th September 2014 ! It is  already after sixth arranges by Dutch club ICAMH. This show is approved by world´s  association AMHA, so proceeds below her rules. When horses may collect points to Honor Roll. Show will be from 6-7th Semptember 2014 in Sentower Park in Belgium and starts from 8.30 o clock. More info here AMHA European Championship show

12/07/2014 16:45

Several our members namely stable  Tintoretto - husbands Barcal and stable  Another Dream - Monika Brožíková attended of the Internacional MHCE show in Aalten  / Dutch. Further  stable Tikitano - husbands Filip attended of International ICAMH show in Het Zwarte Water de Mortel / Dutch . All from them took titles Champions or Reserve Champions. Big Congratulations ! We are looking forward that more  our members will represent our country .

11/07/2014 18:22

New Isue MHW is online

11/07/2014 17:14

New horse magazine for all owners,breeders and enthusiasts of minihorses in Europe.  Subscription and advertising here

Coming soon in January 2015


20/06/2014 18:29

Liz Cruber McMIllan will come to Czech Republic at 5. August 2014! Who knows her photos, so know that her works are fantastic and she is one from the best horse´s photographers. If you have interest about photo shoot your horses please contact Marcela Filip email:

04/04/2014 16:49

Here you find new issue AMHA magazine for months April/ May 2014.

More issue AMHA magazines in our archives



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